Stat change for Elves: Elves are a nomadic, wild people. They are more hardy than their traditional D&D template. As such, the base ability score bonuses have changed for this campaign. The Elf still recieves +2 wisdom, however, the choices for the second ability score are now either +2 to dexterity or +2 to constitution (rather than intelligence).

The Kanien’kehak Tribes

The Kanien’kehak are tribes of elves who have lived in the western parts of Avalon for thousands of years. Each tribe has its own opinion on its exact ancestry, and none of these tales agree with the others. Loremasters speculate, however, that they stem from a subgroup of eladrin whom split off from the race long before even the dwarves inhabited the area. Two of the tribes are semi-nomadic, wandering north and south throughout the year while spending the harshest winter months in one place, most often a winter camp. One tribe, the Arjiki has broken with this tradition and established a permanent settlement. With the exception of the Arjiki, the Kanien’kehak survive by hunting, gathering, and raiding across their territory.
The name elf is considered a derogatory term among the Kanien’kehaks. The first Nerathians to discover these people were confused by their close appearance to Eladrin, and named them after a popular eladrin nickname. While all the tribes have their own distinct characteristics, collectively they call themselves Kanien’kehak, or “People of the Spirits.”

The Arjiki
Abandoning their former lifestyle, the Arjiki constructed a permanent settlement in Northwestern Avalon among the foothills of the Greyhawk Mountains. The settlement, Kanien Tor, sits on a cliffside surrounded by a low wooden palisade with pens for horses, sheep, and cattle, and it could pass for any number of the frontier settlements in the area. Likewise, the Arjiki have turned away from nomadic hunting as their primary means of support and moved toward a combination of agriculture, herding, hunting, and gathering. The tribe still hunts the forests and hills near its settlement, but no longer depend solely on game for survival.
The tribe’s current shaman has even invited missionaries from the Church of the Flame to help assimilate the “true” faith into Arjiki culture, and a small wooden church has been erected within the settlement’s walls
The Arjiki have started to trade and make treaties with Avalon, and it is no longer uncommen to see an Arjiki elf among the human settlements of the area. Thus far the tribes economy is small, but agricultural and herding success have allowed it to grow rapidly. It is believed that Turtleheart’s hope is to prevail upon the crown of Avalon to accept the Arjiki as part of the kingdom, giving the tribe protection and stability.

The Yanien’maka
The Yanien’maka are the most traditional of the Kanien’kehak tribes. When folk of Avalon mention the wild nature of the elves, it is usually the Yanien’maka to whom they are referring. Proud and fierce, the tribe maintains no permanent settlements or camps, instead pursuing a nomadic existence following the hunt north and south throughout western Avalon. Members of the tribe are suspicious of that which they do not understand, and many Yanien’maka warriors would prefer to fight unarmed than to use weapons that came from human forges.
The tribe numbers approximately one thousand individuals, who roam their hunting territory in small groups of eight to twenty persons each. Carrying all that they require with them on their backs, they hunt and gather the western plains, which they consider their own personal hunting grounds. Settlers of the plains have been known to run afoul of Yanien’maka hunting parties, and settlements have been known to be attacked if the Yanien’maka feel they have been given cause.

The Scrow
The Scrow are known throughout Avalon as the most savage elf tribe. This ultraconservative tribe is infamous as the scourge of caravans traveling through the western plains. Masters of stealth, the warriors of the tribe are known to appear out of nowhere to harry and slaughter their unwary targets. The Scrow particularly despise missionaries who seek to spread the faith of The Flame, and they target these enemies whenever possible.
The Scrow have earned their reputation as the most unfriendly of the Kanien’kehak tribes. They do not tolerate visitors in what they consider to be their territory. Encounters with the Scrow are likely to be with war parties, and deadly. Members of the tribe are never found in any Avalon communities, and they have nothing but contempt for the Arjiki tribe. They will even go as far as to attack an Arjiki on sight.
Lycanthropy is known to pervade the Scrow tribe.


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