The All Father

Most races of the world revere the All Father in one form or another.
Humans and dwarves believe that the All Father is a primordial whom created the world and everything in it on his mighty forge. The eladrin and other fey creatures believe that the All Father is fey being whom infused his design into the first seed and planted the world from it. Even the texts of the Platinum Flame say that the Flame is the fires of the divine, sentient Soulforge, which the All Father used to achieve the great masterpiece that is the world. The name “Platinum Flame” refers to the Moradinic description of the platinum fire burning in Moradin’s Soulforge during creation.

The All Father


With his hammer and his pick, The All Father struck the ether and created the earth. With his hammer and the Soulforge, he fashioned the firstborn dwarves from bedrock, iron, and diamonds. With his hammer and his tenacity, he struck down the demons that would think to destroy his creations. And so, the dwarves, humans, and other people of the world were inspired. They learned the value of patience, stoicism, loyalty, and honor. They discovered mining, smithing, and the crafts of the artisan. The creations became creators, and The All Father was pleased.

First and foremost, The All Father is the god of creation. As such, he is best served whenever a work is completed, whether that work is a dwarven craghammer, an eladrin lord’s bejeweled crown, or a halfling’s sturdy riverboat. He is likewise honored by the making of less tangible (but nonetheless enduring) creations, such as a prosperous nation or a close-knit family.

The teachings of The All Father are:

• Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity.
• Demonstrate loyalty to your family, your clan, your leaders, and your people.
• Strive to make a mark on the world, a lasting legacy. To make something that lasts is the highest good, whether you are a smith working at a forge or a ruler building a dynasty.

Domains: Creation, Life, Civilization, Skill

The All Father

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