The Platinum Flame

In ancient times, when the kingdom of Bael Turath was overrun with evil, and darkness festered in the hearts of many. The leaders of the empire even consorted with devils. However; A mighty paladin known as Bahamut, who venerated a then barely known religion called the Platinum Flame waged an epic campaign to purge the world of the great evil.
With the aid of his six Golden Knights, he stormed the world, destroying evil wherever he found it, while still aiding the innocent and good from the torments of that evil.
Finally he came face to face with the greatest evil of all; the powerful devil Asmodeus! Their battle raged on for days, and Bahamut was almost destroyed. While he lay dieing, he prayed to the Platinum Flame for help. The Flame responded by transforming him into a mighty platinum dragon. He then rose up to finally vanquish the great devil back to the fiery pits of hell.
Bahamut died then on the field of battle, and merged with the Platinum Flame to stand ever vigilant watch against evil.

The Platinum Flame

Lawful Good

Leading in popularity and prominence, the Platinum Flame espouses purity, steadfastness, charity, and, above all, the destruction of evil. As such, it is the faith of paladins, but people from all walks of life look to the Flame for guidance.
The Platinum Flame is an abstraction, not a deity. It represents powerful forces of good and self-sacrifice that keep evil locked away.
A thousand years ago, the human Bahamut transcended humanity to become the immortal Voice of the Flame. He serves as the intermediary between the sacred Flame and the vast majority of mortals who haven’t attained the purity necessary to communicate directly with the divine force.
The Church of the Platinum Flame is very organized. The Church has a definite chain of command, and its members aren’t afraid to wield their power in secular affairs.

The teachings of the Platinum Flame (and its Church) are:

  • Destroy evil in all its forms. Demons and Devils are particularly abhorrent to the Platinum Flame.
  • Bring relief to those who suffer.
  • Protect those who cannot protect themselves. Offer aid to those who can.

Domains; Hope, Justice, Protection, and Civilization.

Homily of Patriarch Ion Grey

The Platinum Flame

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