Blood and Magic

Welcome to Blood and Magic

Of course, the first thing we need to do is create characters.

Characters can be of any race in the Player’s Handbook I, except Dragonborn or Tiefling. The Gnome from the PHB II is also allowed as a character race, as well as Genasi from the Forgotten Realms Player’s Handbook, and Muls from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Additionally, half-elves can choose either elf or eladrin as their Dual Heritage, essentially becoming a half-eladrin. Players interested in playing an elf should note the change I have made to the Elves in this campaign setting. Foremost is that, following the lead of 4th Edition, the eladrin have taken over the traditional role of enchanted fey, while the elves are a more primative, tribal race.

All classes from the PHB I and II are allowed, but only Seeker and Runepriest from the PHB III (there is no Psionic magic in this campaign setting, and the cosmology matches closer to that of earlier editions of D&D).

Arcane characters should note the Edict of Deviltry. This campaign feature does not have any effect on game stats or playability, but it may have an impact on role-playing, the storyline, and social skill challanges.

Divine characters should note that the pantheon of this campaign setting is mono-theistic. Although there are saints and angels and demons and devils, The Platinum Flame is the only “god” who answers “divine” prayers. The exception to this is The All Father who allows his power to be channeled through his Invokers and Runepriests. The doctrines of these two faiths match so close that most believe that they are extensions of each other.

Martial characters may also want to take a look at the kingdom’s Edict of Conscript.

The campaign begins in the small farming village of Hillsfar, in the foothills of the Greyhawk Mountains, in the northwestern most part of Avalon. We’ll be starting in a “Robert Jordan” manner, in that all the primary characters, ie; the PC’s, are small town neighbors with little knowledge of the world.

Although you may use any feats and applicable powers from the Essentials set, characters are to be built using the core book method. I recognize that there are a few good options for classes in essentials, and I promise that I am working on making the Hexblade and Cavalier paragon paths. If you are interested in any essentials class that isn’t just a variation of a regular class, I am willing to work with you in creating a paragon path of it.

Characters cannot be evil or chaotic evil… this tale is about heroes, not villians.

PC’s begin knowing only common and must take the feat to learn any other languages. This is further explained in the setting description Avalon. I will let you know the exception to this rule as it arises.

Also, I will need your wishlists.

Feel free to start building the character you might want to play for this campaign, however, we will be spending a little time the first time we get together to build our official characters. This way we can be sure the synergy of the party works and that the characters make sense questing to level 30 together.


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