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Feel free to put your character here for easy reference for everyone. I will make you the owner of your character’s page so that you may edit and post secret information only shared by you and the GM.

There is no direct wiki search on these pages (I am working on this). If you know where to look, you can access most public information from the Adventure Log. Relevent links will be posted here each week.

Also; if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to talk about the campaign while not at the table, feel free to post thing on the Forum

Legel Disclaimer: Although creative by nature, the GM of this campaign lacks any skill at expressing such creativity. That being said, most things on these pages have been stolen (without authorization), and only names and a few details have been changed to make it the GM’s own. So if you feel like you’ve seen a certain piece of information before, you have. The GM does not take any credit, nor ask any monatery award for anything you may find interesting. It is essentially someone elses work. Thank You.

Main Page

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